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    Give me a fandom and I’ll tell you which characters I would

    • Push off a cliff
    • Frick frack
    • Marry
    • Set on fire
    • Wrap a blanket around
    • Be roommates with

    And if I’m not in the fandom, I’ll go by what I’ve learned from tumblr

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    You know that a book has become popular when it goes from “a good book” or an “important piece of literature” to being “overrated” and “i haven’t read it but it seems stupid and there is a love component so I’m going to watch the movie and then hate on it” and “isn’t this basically just the hunger games/ harry potter/ twilight”

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  4. Anonymous said: how?

    Like this.

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    This was recorded by the Portsmouth Sinfonia in an experiment where all the members of the orchestra would swap instruments with each other and attempt to play them to the best of their ability.

    favorite things about this

    • literally all the brass starts to get the hang of it and then the crescendos happen and everyone is like FUCK FUCK FUCK??? FUCK. JUST. BLOW RLY HARD.
    • the strings are lazy but also the same. like u can tell a lot of the ppl w/ the stringed instruments may already basically know how to play stringed instruments. like there’s definitely a section at the beginning where you hear a good portion going “oh yeah this is like. a smaller/bigger version of what i do.”
    • all you hear of any woodwinds is just “pffffttt??? pFFFTTTT???? PFFFFFTTTT I SAID PFFFFTTTT!!!!!” bc woodwinds are fucking HARD and you hear after like the first crescendo half of them just give up. they give up. they’re done. fuck this it tastes weird and my lips hurt.
    • that trumpet. that person is fucking TRYING man they fucking GOT this. they may not have figured out notes but they figured out LOUD and they GOT this.




    Lotsa classics passing through today.

    “pffffttt??? pFFFTTTT???? PFFFFFTTTT I SAID PFFFFTTTT!!!!!”

    <3 <3 <3 (As a person who has played piano, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, and guitar, I love this so hard. Don’t care if I’ve already reblogged it. It’s happening again.)

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    Anonymous said: so i hear you like getting asks

    That is correct.

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    Anonymous said: butts

    you make a good argument.

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    my chinese students really love english profanity because they dont get in trouble for it

    i try to just ignore it so they don’t get a reaction and keep using it

    but today during a creative writing exercise, a character was arguing with a dragon, and the kids needed to decide what the character would yell

    this one kid raises his hand and calmly submits his suggestion of “f*ck you, you foolish dragon motherf*cker”

    i dont know its just 

    its difficult not to react to that